Who is Zealandia Capital?


From inception, it has been Zealandia Capital, Inc.’s goal to be a quality leader in the debt collection and loan servicing industry by building trust through accurate, reliable, customer centric solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients and their customer’s by listening, connecting, and collecting.

The following objectives support the fulfillment of our mission statement:

Listen. Connect. Collect.

  • Client Satisfaction: We will identify the client needs, set clear solutions and measure our performance in the consumer debt collection and loan servicing world. When emails, texts, and tweets make it easier than ever to communicate, Zealandia Capital believes that the best way to do business is the old fashioned way. We listen and connect with our clients and their customers… and then collect. By utilizing this approach, collecting increases organically.
  • We Listen: Some say it’s a lost art. At Zealandia Capital, listening is the first step in building relationships that are grounded in our philosophy: collect the past, manage the present and build the future.
  • We Connect: No two clients are the same, which is why Zealandia Capital’s customized collection solutions produce results. By connecting with our clients and their customers, we find collection service solutions that resolve accounts and preserve relationships.
  • We Collect: Our collection software makes collecting and processing payments easier and quicker. And it allows us to generate real-time, actionable reports that provide our clients with timely, accurate information they can use to make smart business decisions.

Interested in learning more about the Zealandia Capital personalized approach to debt collection and loan servicing? Connect with us at 828.348.2512. We’re ready to listen.