Collect the Past. Manage the Present. Build the Future.


Building Trust and Sustaining Relationships

Zealandia Capital is focused on building trust and sustaining relationships with our clients. We know the best way to build trust is to provide solutions. Our first goal is to understand your challenges. Zealandia Capital will work with you to listen to what you need from us. From there, we will connect you with solutions that are tailored specifically to the challenges you face. Ultimately, Zealandia Capital understands you are trusting us to meet and exceed your collection expectations. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals.


Timely debt collection and servicing depend on comprehensive billing and accurate payment processing. Zealandia Capital provides trusted solutions such as call recording to ensure your consumers are treated with the upmost respect and dignity, auto-populated notices, payment processing, online account information, online bill payment options, and online chat if your consumers prefer not to have to talk to someone.

Easy Convenient Payment Processing Options

Zealandia Capital’s main focus is to improve our clients’ debt collections so that they can focus on doing what they do best – growing their business. We provide our clients with options that make it simple and easy for their customers to submit payments.

  • Online payments through customer payment portal
  • Direct deposit into client-owned bank accounts.
  • Lock-box processing of payments sent by mail.
  • Payment by online PCI compliant Chat service

Default Collections

Collect the past. Manage the present. Build the future. Zealandia Capital brings this philosophy to every client. We directly deposit all of your delinquent debts we collect, directly into your bank account, which means no more waiting. For Zealandia Capital’s clients it means immediate use of their money. Other options are available, if preferred. Additionally, we understand that in today’s world people are constantly moving and changing phone numbers. Zealandia Capital makes personal calls from 828-348-2507 to ensure we have the most up-to-date contact information for your consumers.

Customer Service

Our team has achieved their high collections rate in this competitive industry through the understanding that the customer relationship plays an important role in recovering outstanding debts. We realize we are accountable to our client, not just in retrieving revenue, but in protecting their reputation. Zealandia Capital provides call recording to ensure our clients consumers are treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Additionally, we make it easy for the consumer to be informed and make payments through one of our many payment options. Our process has been developed to make it easy for our clients to recover money owed, and for consumers to make payments through our various payment channels.

Measuring Success

In today’s information age, it has never been more important to measure your collection agencies success. Zealandia Capital uses the latest technology to track performance metrics and provide clients with actionable, easy-to-understand, real-time reports. Need a customized report? Not a problem. Our software allows us to provide information that meets specific client needs.