Collect the Past. Manage the Present. Build the Future

Zealandia’s main focus is to improve our clients’ debt collections so they can focus on doing what they do best – growing their business. We provide options that make it simple and easy for customers to submit payments directly to client accounts and provide real time reporting to our clients on the performance of all debt recovery initiatives.

To connect with Zealandia Capital and learn how our systems and services can help your business, call us at 888-881.8082.

Loan Servicing

Our collection team will provide end-to-end servicing on loans from the time funds are dispersed to the borrower until the loan amount is paid in full. Our team uses innovative software applications to effectively manage the process of billing and collecting interest, principal and escrow payments.

Outstanding Debt Collections

Collection solutions are customized to each client’s needs. By connecting with our clients and their customers, we develop customized debt collection and loan servicing solutions that resolve outstanding accounts while preserving customer relationships.

Payment Processing

Our collections team utilizes the most advanced technology and security for customer billing and payment collection so our clients can take advantage of our services based on their needs.

• Direct deposit into client-owned bank accounts
• Lock-box processing of payments sent by mail
• Electronic funds transfer through ACH to checking or savings accounts
• Credit card processing
• Payments by phone

Tracking and Measuring Performance

In today’s information age, it’s never been more important to measure success. Zealandia Capital uses the latest technology to track performance metrics and provide clients with actionable, easy-to-understand, real-time reports.

Need a customized report? Not a problem. Our software allows us to provide information that meets specific client needs.

Customer Service

Our team has achieved their high collections success rate in this competitive industry through the understanding that the customer relationship plays an important role in recovering outstanding funds.  We realize we are accountable to our client, not just in retrieving revenue, but in protecting their reputation.  Zealandia provides call recording to ensure our customers are treated with the utmost respect and dignity.  Additionally we make it easy for the customer to be informed  and make payments through auto-populated notices, payment processing, online account information and online bill payment options.  Our process has been developed to make it easy for our clients to recover money owed, and for debtors and borrowers to make payments.